Every day we teach the best and most modern combat system known to man, in a positive and friendly atmosphere and with a top notch level of instruction.


Kaizen MMA Academy brings the most positive values of martial arts by transforming theory into practice. Our academy is a place where students get the best of both worlds – philosophy of traditional martial arts and effectiveness of MMA. We bring out the best in people, activate their resources and help them fulfill their potential.

Our values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and they describe how we conduct ourselves in the world.

  • Members’ satisfaction: Only when our members are satisfied can we think of ourselves as successful.
  • Constant improvement (Kaizen): Whether it’s our combat system or giving the best possible service to our students.
  • The most up-to-date combat system: Through many years of experience and cooperation with world’s greatest experts.
  • Caring for our fellow man: Training in controlled environment with emphasis on training WITH our partner and not against him/her. Real improvement comes only when we work together.
  • Non-violent and reasonable conflict resolution: Instead of letting our fists do the talking.
  • Activation of our student’s resources: Nothing activates our resources like MMA.
  • Self-Confidence: Through hard training and mastering MMA of elements comes increased self-confidence.
  • Education: Educating our students on how the body and mind work in martial art context.
  • Health: Increased quality of health status.
  • Demanding and fun training: The most difficult, but also the most fun activity.