Regular Groups

We offer several training packages and payment options, and it would be best to call us or come visit us so we can explain them in more detail.

Exclusive Groups and Privates

Up until recently, apart from regular groups (around 20 people) there was an option of privately training with Mark Lajhner in the morning.

The training was conducted from 9-10 AM and the price was 30 euros per hour. Private lesson at this price included coaching one or at most two students, and it meant that that the monthly cost of lessons was 360 euros if the student took 3 lessons per week, or 600 euros if the student trained 5 times per week.

That model had it’s pros and cons:

  • Coaches complete dedication
  • Fast improvement and better technique understanding
  • Training adjusted to the student’s needs
  • Not practicing with other people
  • No group atmosphere

We still have the option of private trainings (Gold and Silver packages), but in my opinion the best option for students that want private or semi-private training is training in a small and exclusive group (BRONZE package).


As you can see, with new prices you save in comparison to the previous model where students paid per training.

We highly recommend the bronze package.

Apart from being most affordable, working in small groups brings “best of both worlds”. This means you will have a greater coach dedication than you would have in a group of twenty people. You will also have the opportunity to practice with different partners, to adapt to their weight, height, strength, technique, and that is much better than only working with me. What is also lacking in private lessons is a group atmosphere and the sense of community, and we find that very important since the man is a social being.

Does that mean that you will not improve by taking privates?

Of course not, and all who took privates with Mark Lajhner improved significantly, but we think that training in small groups is the best possible option and that is why we recommend it.